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By filling out this page you have agreed to the waiver issued by Scot Surf.

Indemnity &Liability Waiver Form.
I accept that Scot Surf and staff will take all possible care and precaution, but will not be held liable for any injury or damage which I/my child may sustain to property or person, during this and further activities that I/my child may undertake with the Scot Surf. I understand that I/ my child must be able to swim to participate in surfing/ paddle board lessons and to be able to demonstrate skills such as treading water & floating. I understand there are risks involved in surfing/ paddle boarding, such as collision with other surfers or own board, collision with beach structure, rocks or ocean floor, contact with marine creatures (jellyfish etc), and I understand that I/my child takes part at my/her/his own risk/ with my consent.

Thanks for submitting!

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